UFO Sighting: Britain's 'X-Files' Highlights the Unexplainable Alien Spacecraft Encounter

By Jacques Strauss, | June 29, 2017

UFO Hunters Mysteriously Gone Missing While Searching for UFOs; Are Aliens to be Blamed?

UFO Hunters Mysteriously Gone Missing While Searching for UFOs; Are Aliens to be Blamed?

As the UFO sightings continue in other parts of the globe, the British government quietly unloaded some documents pertaining to some prominent UFO encounters. Dubbed as Britain's "X-Files," the media and enthusiasts alike are now speculating further on the truth behind these so-called flying saucers.

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An official and previously undisclosed documents were released by the British Ministry of Defense, somehow shedding light on the mysterious incidents involving UFO's in the British skies. Dubbed by the press as the Britain's "X-Files," the document contained 15 files from the Ministry, including that of the highly publicized Rendlesham Forest UFO sighting.

As an overview, the Rendlesham Forest incident is highly likened to the Roswell UFO incident in America. The British version of Roswell happened after World War 2, in December 1980.

In retrospect, the said incident involved three military men who all claimed to have witnessed flashing bright lights and a triangular shaped object near an RAF base in Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk. Thus, obtaining its Rendlesham Forest UFO incident name.  

Although there was no conclusive evidence gathered by the team of investigators and most of the investigation was hidden from the public, enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists continued to fascinate by the incident. It cannot be helped not to, for certain individuals involved gave some interesting statements.

"This was not some vague 'lights in the sky' sighting - the UFO actually landed," The Telegraph quoted Nick Pope, a Ministry of Defence employee from 1985 to 2006 as saying.

Furthermore, Sgt. Adrian Bustinza, a security police commander who investigated the incident at the time, was also quoted saying that "when I arrived [at the scene], it was going in and out through the trees and at one stage it was hovering." And with such statements, the public cannot be blamed for their continued interest in the subject matter.

However, despite some, the documents being quietly released and most of the details somehow shedding light on what had happened, the agency still maintained that it is "lacking of a smoking gun" to conclusively argue the existence of extra-terrestrial being visiting our planet.

"The lack of a smoking gun and the fact that these files seem to have been slipped out without a formal media announcement is bound to start some conspiracy theories, and I know that many people believe the 'good stuff' is being held back." NewsAU quoted Pope as saying.

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