Best Ways to Conserve Smartphone Battery Life

By Jacques Strauss, | June 29, 2017

A smartphone displays the estimated usage time remaining of the device.

A smartphone displays the estimated usage time remaining of the device.

Although there has been major advancement with today's smartphone, there still seemed to be less improvement with its battery life. Serving as a guide, underneath are some of the helpful tips on how to better your smartphone's battery life.

Not known to everyone, turning off the vibration of your smartphone will greatly help in conserving its battery life. Although such feature is beneficial, especially when you are at a meeting or in the theater, it actually consumes more power.

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If not necessary, it would be better to use ringtones, according to HongKiat. Vibrations actually use more power than that of ringtones, because it would require more power to shake the entire phone.

Dimming your screen will obviously reduce your device's power consumption. If your screen display is brightly lit up, it will eventually consume your battery juice. That is why experts would suggest using auto-brightness setting for your smartphone to automatically adjust the brightness of your phone when necessary while conserving battery life.

Another way to minimize power consumption is to shorten your smartphone's screen timeout. Moreover, 'locking' your phone after any transaction would also be helpful to conserve its energy.

Sadly, even if you are not using your smartphone, it is still consuming some power. In order to decrease such consumption, it is highly advised that unnecessary background apps should be turned off. It has been proven over time that unused apps will eat away battery life, so better handle it appropriately.

Lastly, most smartphones are equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery. It is highly advised by experts that such type of smartphone should be cooled down.

Placing your device in a relatively hot area or a portion of the house will increase the draining of its battery. Over time, if such action continues, the maximum battery life of your device will decline.

Watch here below other known ways to preserve device battery life:

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