'Dragon Age 4' Development Update, 'Jade Empire 2' Possibility Confirmed by Bioware's Mike Laidlaw

By Matthew King, | June 28, 2017

Mike Laidlaw talks about 'Dragon Age 4' development update and "Jade Empire 2" possibility. (YouTube)

Mike Laidlaw talks about 'Dragon Age 4' development update and "Jade Empire 2" possibility. (YouTube)

Bioware's creative team is now busy working on the development of "Dragon Age 4", series creative director revealed. He also talked about a possibility of "Jade Empire 2".   

This news came out via a NeoGaf post where a user shared a video of a recent interview with creative director of the Dragon Age franchise, Mike Laidlaw. This week's Episode 98 with host Josiah Renaudin tackles how the Bioware team creates massive open worlds.

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The creative director mentions in the video shown below that indeed a Dragon Age "something" is underway and he also talks about the possibility of "Jade Empire 2". He explains the various hats he wears at BioWare, including his challenges in starting a five-year AAA title as well as dealing reviews and so on. 

At 58-minute mark in the interview video, Laidlaw mentions "Jade Empire" and its sequel. He said that it initially miade into the earliest stages and was considered. However, it appears that the studio got a lot on its plate with "Mass Effect: Andromeda" and "Dragon Age 4".

He went on to add that he already has a concept of the game in his mind and imagined what it will be like. However, the whole creative team for "Jade Empire 2" is currently shifted to work on the next Dragon Age game.

Earlier, Bioware's writer Alexis Kennedy confirmed the big news in his interview with Eurogamer, where he revealed "Dragon Age 4" is in the works. "There are huge differences between all of that and what I'm working on at BioWare, which I can now legitimately say is in the Dragon Age franchise," he said.  

Kennedy is famous for his works on narrative adventure video games such as "Fallen London"and "Sunless Sea". He joined Bioware in September and he is now working with Mike Laidlaw and Patrick Weekes on next entry of the series. 

He further said that with regard to the development of "Dragon Age 4", Bioware has extended him an autonomy to create a storyline of the lore that has yet to be explored for the upcoming title. 

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