Will OnePlus 5 Get Android O (Oatmeal Cookie) Ahead of OnePlus 3/3T?

By Josef Bell, | June 27, 2017

OnePlus 5 render

OnePlus 5 render

OnePlus 5 is currently rolling out while the OnePlus 3 and 3T remain available. According to OnePlus, these handsets will surely get a taste of Android O, rumored to be called Oatmeal Cookie, before the end of 2017 with the OP5 likely getting bumped up earlier.

As reported by 9to5Google, OnePlus is making up for the disappointments generated by its decision to withhold the Android Nougat update for the OnePlus 2 despite the prior commitment the company issued on the matter. The Chinese device maker said it will be a different thing for the OP5 and its immediate predecessors - they'll be updated to the latest Android version within the year.

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If OnePlus will deliver, both the 3T and OP3 will jump to Android version 8.0 before December 31 but hopefully earlier. While there was no mention on when exactly the OxygenOS running the OnePlus 5 will move up to Android O, it is expected it will happen ahead of the firmware bumps for the 3T and OP3.

In a related report, WCCFTech said there is little chance that upcoming OnePlus handsets will come with microSD slot or the ability to expand memory storage. That's because the device maker is giving priority to optimal mobile device experience over a feature that could soon be obsolete as handsets begin to offer increased internal storage capacity.

And skipping the feature is more costly for device manufacturers. The report said microSD slot is seen as more expensive as opposed to including higher internal memory. It likely is one of the chief reasons the OnePlus 5 is relatively cheaper compared to its flagship rivals - the cost of ownership starts at no more than $500.

The same report said since the OnePlus 5 basic model boasts of 64GB built-in memory with 6GB RAM, the memory expansion feature seems rendered unnecessary. And users wanting to double the storage space can simply opt for the 128GB model of the OP5 that also comes with a whopping 8GB of RAM provision.

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