Kodi News: 'Kodi Repair Men' Offer to fix Broken Kodi Boxes Amid Add-on Shutdown Crisis

By Prei Dy, | June 27, 2017

'Kodi repair men' will help repair broken Kodi boxes. (YouTube)

'Kodi repair men' will help repair broken Kodi boxes. (YouTube)

After a major crack down on pirate Kodi add-ons, several "Kodi repair men" are monetizing on the dilemma by offering easy fix solutions to Kodi box users.

The repair services are allegedly commonly marketed on Facebook and other social networking sites. They "repairmen" offer home call-outs that promise to get the Kodi boxes up and running for a small fee.

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According to the TorrentFreak, these unofficial Kodi repairmen are reportedly the same people who gained profit from selling Kodi boxes.

The report further revealed that the word-of-mouth popularity that served Kodi well has also extended to these alleged "repairmen." It further claimed to have heard on a "local pub" that a "guy is now touring pubs" to fix devices or even swap non-functional Kodi-installed Fire Sticks with new fully loaded devices.

"The whole thing takes about 15 to 20 minutes and is conveniently carried out while having a drink," the report read. These repairmen allegedly charge $25.49 for laptop repairs and $50.99 for the Fire Stick swapping.

Several Kodi-addons have decided to close their doors including Phoenix and developers One242415 and Echo Coder after Dish Network's legal move against ZemTV and TVAdddons library. The service in question allows users to watch Dish channels without permission.

Dish Network is seeking a hefty price of $150,000 per infringement in damages from ZemTV, while TVAddons is facing statutory damages for contributory and vicarious copyright infringement.

Recently, a district court in Texas has granted several subpoenas to Dish Network to help unmask the operators behind ZemTV and TVAddons. The summons were issued to request information on associated accounts of the alleged copyright infringer at different services such as Amazon, Facebook, Github, Google, Twitter, and Paypal.

Meanwhile, ZemTV developer "Shani" has closed his add-on, while TVAddons apparently disappeared mysteriously. 

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