'God of War' PS4 Update: Sequel Will not Have Much Open-world Exploration; Cory Balrog Explains the Importance of Norse Mythology in the Sequel!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 27, 2017

The new "God of War" trailer explores the relationship of Kratos and his family, as well as discovering new threats in the Norse world. (YouYube)

The new "God of War" trailer explores the relationship of Kratos and his family, as well as discovering new threats in the Norse world. (YouYube)

The latest updates for the new "God of War" PS4 will feature more explanations for the Norse mythology setting and its open-world features.

It seems that the new "God of War" sequel will not feature much open-world gameplay game director Cory Balrog told Polygon during E3 2017 that one aspect about the game is its world design, which is not quite open but nonetheless been designed to reward exploration.

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Balrog stated that Kratos and Atreus have a goal that takes them all over the world in "God of War," but always just off in the distance, there is something that catches their eye; The idea he and Santa Monica Studio are going to reward people for being curious or looking around. They are not really ever going to put them in a position outside of that core experience, forcing them to do something.

It has been stated that "God of War's" world will likely be inspired by the "Legend of Zelda" games from Nintendo. This is the type of experience Barlog hopes the sequel will provide for those looking explore its world.

Player's will expect hidden areas right in plain sight and secrets off the beaten path. This will not be mandatory, but they may flesh out the game’s world or otherwise offer something worth seeing.

Meanwhile, Balrog explained further the significance of the Norse world in "God of War" sequel.

This new focus on Norse mythology was long rumored and in a new PlayStation Blog post reveals that its style was defined by a single piece of concept art from Jose Peña.

Balrog stated that Peña that his artwork truly became the beacon and lit the path for Santa Monica Studio to make "God of War." Everything they did and referred back to his piece.

Previous reports stated that "God of War" will utilize the same cinematic technique of an extended single shot similar to the film "Birdman." The absence of any camera cuts will allow potential players to enter into the new world inspired by Norse mythology with an over-the-shoulder view point anchored by Kartos’ presence within it.

Gaming fans can expect "God of War" to have a single shot from the third-person perspective of Kratos. Undoubtedly, this decision will add a whole new layer of wonder and visual improvements to the proceedings, and with any luck Barlog will deliver on all of the promises that the series holds for many "God of War" fans.

"God of War" will launch on the early 2018 for the PlayStation 4.

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