Forget Google Pixel 2 – Top Reasons LG V30 is the Better Deal

By Josef Bell, | June 26, 2017

LG V30

LG V30

Rumors are ramping up on the Google Pixel 2 but the actual unpacking is not happening until October 2017 at the earliest. Android fans can look beyond the next-gen Pure Android flagship and instead take a closer look on the LG V30, supposedly packed with premium upgrades to forget about the competition.

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According to WCCFTech, the V30 will boast of a 5.7-inch display that essentially is a sweet spot when compared to the upcoming Pixel 2 upgrades. Leaked details suggested the regular Pixel 2 will have a 4.97-inch screen that for many pampered by gigantic front display could prove too small.

And if true that the Pixel XL 2 will sport a 5.99-inch display then the LG V30 could turn out the better choice when users' concern is easier handling on a phablet device.

Speculations are rife the next Pixel release will power up courtesy of Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor, which likely will be found on the V30. But WCCFTech said "it is a huge possibility that the device also comes with an even more powerful chipset named Snapdragon 836."

No RAM provision was mentioned to date but it should be anywhere between 4GB and 6GB for both, indicating that both the Pixel and V30 will be equipped with pretty much the same level of mobile computing powers with a slight edge on the part of the LG model if true that SD 836 will be the main engine of choice.

In the storage department, the same report claimed the second LG 2017 flagship bet will unbox in 32GB, 64GB and 128GB storage configurations with support for memory expansion while the Google Pixel 2 is said to hit the market in 64GB and 128GB flavors and no microSD slot. That could mean LG's bet could come in a cheaper package which should be true for the 32GB edition with would-be buyers having the benefit of extra storage room when needed.

Another notable upgrade for the LG V30 is the use of AMOLED display that should put the device in league with Samsung's GS8 line and the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

And the best part, the LG V30 is expected to get unveiled via the IFA 2017 Berlin trade show at the start of September, suggesting the release date is likely to happen within the same month. That would be a month ahead of usual Google Pixel refresh, meaning shorter waiting time for Android fans.

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