iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks: Top Charging Habits for Optimal Battery Life

By Josef Bell, | June 26, 2017

iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks: Top Charging Habits for Optimal Battery Life

iPhone Battery Tips and Tricks: Top Charging Habits for Optimal Battery Life

Massive battery is not an assurance for longer operating hours on mobile devices and this is specifically true for iPhone users. In the iOS world, it's not always the battery rating that counts as equally important is the charging habits of users that can spell good fortune and disaster.

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In a report, Business Insider busted the myth that users will need to wait for the battery meter to go really low before charging up. It might be the case in the past but in the age of smartphones battery packs have acquired their share of smart features like remembering relax modes and dealing with stressful situations.

The latter, the report said, normally occurs when an iPhone is subjected to extreme temperature. In such a case that a battery pack is overheating the device could initiate the system's Recovery Mode in order to prevent possible damages. But Recovery Mode that is unexpected by users could lead to data loss so it's highly recommended to back up regularly and if possible with the use of an external storage for higher chances of recovery.

So to avoid the threat of overheating, what really is the best way to charge up? Recharging is best when attended to ensure that the device will not develop excessive heat and when it does the user is available to disconnect from the power outlet.

The same report also advised pulling the plug as soon as the iPhone battery is fully charged. That way the battery will have some moments to cool down and enter into relax mode, which experts said could help in prolonging the battery lifespan.

And when charging up, it's not always necessary to reach the 100 percent battery meter as doing so will only put unnecessary stress on the battery pack that in the long run could cut short its expected charging cycle.

The best charging practice is to juice up whenever there is an opportunity. Business Insider said once an iPhone has used up 10 percent of battery power from the last charge then it's good to plug. It's a big NO "wait until your phone dies to charge it."

"To preserve your battery's health, charge your phone whenever you can, ideally in short spurts when it has lost 10% of its battery," the report said.

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