Top Kickass Torrents Alternative in 2017, Known for Their Quality, Library

By Jacques Strauss, | June 26, 2017

KickAss Torrents environment is being displayed.

KickAss Torrents environment is being displayed.

Kickass Torrents alternative sites have been highly sought by experts since the demise of the said website. There have been many sites who claimed to have best library and quality of files, and some of them are outlined below.

Apart from KAT, The Pirate Bay has been targetted by the anti-piracy crackdown of the government. However, TPB is still active up to now, making it an ideal Kickass Torrents alternative site.

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The previous version of The Pirate Bay has been plagued with ads, but important changes were made since then. The site assures its visitors of updated library and wide options, especially for movies.

When it comes to movies, the YTS site is considered as one of the best known alternative sites for torrent downloads. It contains more than 6,000 movies available for torrenting.

What makes this site different from KAT is its presentation. The movies in the site are presented with posters, along with quick links to the 720p and 1080p variants.

For a wide variety of option from movies to files, the 1337x is also a good KAT alternative site. The home page of the said torrent site is quite appealing, together with its environment.

The site has been known to cater the needs of movies, television, games, music, applications, anime, documentaries, and other relevant subjects. With its torrent directory having a frequent update, this alternative is a must try KAT alternative.

If you cannot get enough of the Kickass Torrents website, then you might want to try this Kickass Torrents clone site. One of the highly suggested sites is

The said clone of KAT may also be used to download movies, games, apps, and files. Site navigation is very easy as it somehow mirrors the environment of the original KAT site.

Although the anti-piracy campaign has somehow been successful with the closure of the original Kickass website, the rise of clone and alternative site have been unstoppable. However, caution should still be practiced with dealing with alternative sites, security and safety should alway be considered.

Watch here below other torrent alternatives:

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