'The Sims 4' Pets DLC Update: Maxis Confirms Box Art Render is Fake; Release Date on Nov. 10 Leaked Again

By Matthew King, | June 26, 2017

'The Sims 4' Pets DLC box art render surfaced on a retailer's listing but Maxis says it's fake. (YouTube)

'The Sims 4' Pets DLC box art render surfaced on a retailer's listing but Maxis says it's fake. (YouTube)

The release date of "The Sims 4" Pets DLC has been leaked again by another recent retailer listing, this time, with an alleged box art render to go with it. However, Maxis is quick to debunk that the said image is close to being legit and told fans that it's fake.

The news about the release date of "The Sims 4" Pets DLC on Nov. 9 or 10 came out when eagle-eyed fans spotted a recent listing of the rumored Dogs and Cats expansion pack at film.game.cz website, known to be one of the most reliable Czech retailers that sells video games online. What has driven fans into frenzy is that the pre-order page also posted a box art, which appears to be fanmade but the render looks great and just as real.

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But the Sims team's game producer Graham Nardone also known on Twitter as SimGuruGraham has immediately shot down the report of the leaked box art and said that it's fake. Nardone added to note that to simply spot a fake rander is where Sims are donning a set of old clothes. 

Following Nardone's tweet, some fans express their appointment and ask Maxis to make the announcement regarding the Pets DLC for "The Sims 4".  Other game enthusiasts supposed that the box art render is recreated by the retailer using the render that was given to them. 

It is also noted that the source who originally created the leaked image remains unknown. Oddly enough, it is not the first time that a Czech retailer leaked the Pets DLC release date.

The newly leaked listing also conformed with the first one, suggesting that the Dogs and Cats expansion pack will arrive on Nov. 9 or Nov. 10 in the US and there's a possibility that it could be true. It is still best, however, to wait for Maxis to announce "The Sims 4" Pets DLC that might happen soon.

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