Samsung Galaxy Note 8 September Release Date Confirmed with $900+ Price Tag?

By Josef Bell, | June 25, 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 concept renders

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 concept renders

Samsung is set on a direct collision course with the Apple iPhone 8 as the Galaxy Note 8 is reportedly coming out before the end of September 2017, around the same time the iOS 11 flagship is supposed to touch down. And like the iPhone 8, the Note 8 asking price will be steep at no less than $900.

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The latest claims made by reputed gadget tipster Evan Blass via Venture Beat actually placed the Note 8 cash damage at €999 but he made clear the specific price level is the for the handset's European rollout. It is assumed that in North America, "the €999 retail price should translate to a little over $900, given that the €799 Galaxy S8 and €899 S8+ initially sold unlocked for about $725 and $825, respectively," Blass reported.

Blass, also known as @evleaks, pointed to "an individual briefed on the company's plans," as source of his information.

If true that the Galaxy Note 8 will sell for €999 or more a pop, the handset is tipped as "Samsung's most expensive phone of all time," Forbes said in a related report.

However, the Note 8 specifications and feature upgrades detailed by Blass seem to justify the premium sticker price. In his report, it was practically confirmed the device is the larger version of the Galaxy S8 Plus with a Super AMOLED screen that stretches at 6.3-inch. The display will have the same Infinity Display unpacked with the GS8.

Inside, the Note 8 is hitting the market with Exynos 8895 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 as main engine but the RAM support will be higher than that of the GS8, maxed out at 6GB RAM, "making it only Samsung's second handset, after the Galaxy C9 Pro, to exceed the 4GB threshold," the report noted.

But there will be key distinctions from the S8 line and among them is a dual camera setup that Blass said will be equipped with two 12MP sensors and optical image stabilization for the lens. Also part of the package is the S Pen that is not found on the GS8.

For the Note 8, the input instrument is packed with more capabilities "such as full-sentence language translation and currency conversion ... and added the ability to pin handwritten notes to the always-on display," Blass reported.

And obviously to highlight the Galaxy Note 8's business use Samsung is making the device fully compatible with the DeX dock right out of the box. The functionality will permit desktop-class usage of the phablet flagship when connected with a monitor.

Of note too is the 3300mAh battery that Samsung will deploy with the Note 8, clearly indicating the South Korean tech giant is avoiding a repeat of the Galaxy Note 7 exploding batteries fiasco.

The Blass report claimed the Galaxy Note 8 release date is happening in late September 2017, debunking the recent rumors that the device will arrive in August.

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