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'Destiny 2' PC Version Will not Feature Cryptarch, Gun Recoils; Emblem System Added to the Sequel!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 23, 2017

The worldwide premiere of "Destiny 2" gameplay footage is set on May 18 livestream. (YouTube)

The worldwide premiere of "Destiny 2" gameplay footage is set on May 18 livestream. (YouTube)

The latest update for "Destiny 2" will feature the Cryptarch and gun recoils not added to the PC version, and the Emblem System returns to the sequel.

It seems that Bungie revealed new information about "Destiny 2" as Bungie PC lead David Shaw and senior software engineer Thomas Gawrys told PC Gamer (via Gamerant) that the Cryptarch will not likely featured within the game.

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Cryptarch in the first "Destiny" game, is a vendor responsible for turning engrams into gear. Early on he was a source of endless frustration, and even became a Cryptarch meme. But eventually the character became a working cog in the "Destiny", even if decrypting engrams gets a bit tedious.

Since in "Destiny 2" players are now able to travel between destinations without loading, there were some questions about whether the Cryptarch would even be necessary in the game.

If Bungie wants players to focus on their journey, stopping at the Cryptarch may take away the experience. Bungie even sowed the seeds of that by adding the ability to instantly decrypt low tier engrams into materials.

The question now is whether or not the Cryptarch will be necessary feature in "Destiny 2." If the character survives Ghaul’s attack on The Tower after the first game, he will surely be around the Farm social space but whether or not players will need to visit him is unclear.

Aside from the Cryptarch, project lead Mark Noseworthy confirmed that "Destiny 2" not feature a FOV slider and gun recoil due to how unsatisfying they may feel with a mouse and keyboard control scheme.

Noseworthy also clarified that all weapons will not have recoils, stating that recoil on the controller feels really good. But with a mouse and keyboard on hand, players do not want the mouse moving without you moving it, so recoil doe not feel good.

Meanwhile, "Destiny 2" will continue the existing emblem system, where players can show off their personal style, service history, accomplishments and even merchandise buy-ins with a decorative theme.

However, their are "Destiny 2" exclusive emblems that players may earn in from the first game after reaching a specific mile stone. There are seven veteran emblems on offer in the sequel, but not every player will be able to earn all of them, VG 24/7 reported.

These first two emblems are only available to "Destiny" Year 1 players. The first one is for completing any of the moments of triumph, and second are for those who knocked them all over.

The second set of emblems are for "Destiny" Year 2 players. Again, the first one is for completing any moment of triumph, and the next is for the whole set. Players will need to have owned "The Taken King" expansion to do this, and again, if they missed the deadline in 2016, these are out of reach for good.

The final three emblems are available the first game until Aug. 1. The first one is for reaching rank 2 in the "Age of Triumph" record book, and second one is for reaching rank 7. Players will need the "Rise of Iron" expansion for both of those emblems. The third and final veteran emblem is for reaching a Grimoire score of 5,000 or more.

"Destiny 2" is set to launch on Sept. 6 for the PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version will be release on Oct. 24.

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