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'Final Fantasy XIV' Update: Servers Issues Found in 'Stormblood' Expansion due to DDos Attack; Sequel Coming to the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch Soon?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 22, 2017

The Samurai class is featured in "Final Fantasy XIV's" new expansion "Stormblood".

The Samurai class is featured in "Final Fantasy XIV's" new expansion "Stormblood".

The latest updates for "Final Fantasy XIV" will feature server issues in "Stormblood" expansion and the sequel coming to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

It seems that "Final Fantasy XIV's" new expansion "Stormblood" has several server issues during its launch week as Square Enix stated in their official website that problem came from several DDos attacks from an anonymous third party.

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The attack started since June 16 at the North American data center of "Final Fantasy XIV" and Square Enix is trying their best to come up solutions to prevent more DDos attacks. DDoS attacks are designed to flood serves with information so that it struggles to handle the load, thus crippling performance. DDoS attacks are often concerted efforts involving numerous PCs all targeting the same servers.

Square Enix also assured players that, despite the attacks, the personal information connected to their "Final Fantasy XIV" accounts is not in danger and they can still enjoy "Stormblood" expansion as they will monitor the progress of its servers.

In other news, it seems that "Final Fantasy XIV" will launch outside of PlayStation and PC platforms as Square Enix told Finder there desire to have the MMORPG ported to the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One platforms.

Although an exciting take for Square Enix to have "Final Fantasy XIV" in the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One platforms, it seems that Microsoft and Nintendo will have the final say in the idea.

Game director and producer Naoki Yoshida stated that he wants to bring "Final Fantasy XIV" as many people as possible, but he is not willing to concede some standards of quality which assure the game continues to operate as intended for its enormous community.

Yoshida added that the patch updates for "Final Fantasy XIV" are needed on a regular basis and those patches go live on every platform at the same time, without exception, to maintain parity and stability.

Both Microsoft and Nintendo have policies that could be getting in the way. One of the only reasons "Final Fantasy XIV" has not been seen in the Xbox One is because of a policy, which forbids late ports of games that do not contain exclusive features for the Xbox One version.

Nintendo, on the other hand, is notorious for taking its time to ensure that things are done according to its own standards, very rarely catering to the needs and demands of publishers when their needs and demands contradict Nintendo's standard procedures.

Square Enix has seen enormous success on Microsoft and Nintendo platforms, and there is no doubt that gaming fans are craving "Final Fantasy XIV" on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

"Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" is currently available for the PS4, PC and Mac.

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