Apple's iOS 11 Regarded as an Excellent iOS Update, Survey Says

By Jacques Strauss, | June 20, 2017

An iPhone showcases some of the newest iOS 11 features.

An iPhone showcases some of the newest iOS 11 features.

iOS 11 is currently viewed by iPhone and iPad users as an excellent update. This particular iOS update received positive feedback despite the so-called normal beta issues.

A survey made by 9to5Mac revealed that majority of the users regarded the current iOS as an excellent update. 50 percent of the surveyed population even believed that the new iOS is more reliable or stronger than that of the iOS 10.

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Perhaps the primary consideration made by the surveyed individuals were based on the new features and improvements of the Apple's latest operating system. For instance, iOS 11 introduces to iPhone users various features including all-new App Store interface, new animations, redesigned single-pane Control Center, expanded Health features, Smart Color Invert, and new Podcasts app.

As for iPad users, Apple's latest iOS features drag and drop support, new dock, QuickType Keyboard Flick, expanded Apple Pencil support, and new split-view proportions. Some of its users even claimed that this latest iOS from Apple somehow pushes iPad closer to replace a desktop or a laptop.

However, although the latest iOS update may offer new exciting features, it is still not void of issues. There have been some issues reported when people tried to update their device to iOS 11.

One of the issues commonly cited online is its failure to update.  iPhone and iPad users were greeted by a "Software Update Failed" notification while upgrading their devices from the iOS 10.

While some experts associated the issue with an unstable internet connection, some issues were really hard to ignore and relegate to connection problems. For despite having a stable internet connection, some Apple enthusiasts, had an experience of their device being stuck while downloading the latest iOS 11 beta.

Since such issues are expected because the current iOS 11 is still in its first beta version, experts suggest that Apple device users should keep all their resources handy to ensure a smooth transition to iOS 11.

Watch here below features of the latest iOS update:

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