'Uncharted: The Lost Legacy' Features Stand-Alone Game on PS4, Playable Characters Chloe and Nadine At E3 2017

By Aliza Xandria, | June 19, 2017

UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – PS4 Story Trailer | E3 2017 (YouTube)

UNCHARTED: The Lost Legacy – PS4 Story Trailer | E3 2017 (YouTube)

"Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" is nearing its big launch soon on the PlayStation 4 platform. The game is being made ready by its developer Naughty Dog as a stand-alone game. Recently, in the E3 2017 exhibition, it was one of the many games that were presented to the gaming public in the hope to generate a continuous mass of following from its present and future fanbase.

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 According to a report in PCAdvisor, the game has been likened to a short rendition and could not even be counted as a full game unlike its predecessor Uncharted 4. While the 2016 release had given a big promise to the game players that the successor game will give more expansion, the result is exactly the opposite. In the new game, the character of Nathan Drake is left out of the picture.

"Uncharted: The Lost Legacy" will continue to track Chloe and Nadine's characters in many different and more complicated portrayals of their lives and adventures. It would be leveling up to greater heights for the game players as the take on the two characters journey and reflection into their inner lives. While Nathan was off the story, Chloe will appear as the impulsive thrill-seeker to continue her first appearance in Uncharted 2. This is being done because of her charisma that gets more and more followers engaged in the game.

On the opposite, Nadine who is a newcomer that appeared only in the previous series as a villain is worth bringing back in the new game. She will continue to take on her role as the only antagonist as she had excellently done in the past. However, a twist is waiting for the game players as they come to terms with a new discovery. Just stay tuned to Telegiz for more update.

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