'Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood' Features, Gameplay and Platforms, Square Enix Offers PS4 Expansion and Patch Notes

By Aliza Xandria, | June 18, 2017

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Launch Trailer (YouTube)

FINAL FANTASY XIV: Stormblood Launch Trailer (YouTube)

"Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood" is bracing with good news for its upcoming release in two days time with more offers to its expectant game players. One of these is an offer of an upgrade to the PS4 for those who have the PS3 version with no additional cost. This game, which is being developed by Square Enix Holdings has got more updates with version 4 and the changes with corresponding patch notes.

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According to PCgamesn, the patch is paving way for the upcoming release of the game with some of its content exclusively accessible to the buyers. The inclusions open new areas for exploration that will enable players opportunities in the many main scenario quests. These are Rhalgr's Reach and Kugane, the field areas such as The Fringes, The Peaks, The Lochs, The Ruby Sea, Yanxia, and The Azim Steppe.

Additionally, some of the new main scenario interactive quests of Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood just like "Beyond the Great Wall", "Tournament of the Century" and Monks get "A Fistful of Resolve." Just like its predecessor, "A Realm Reborn", this game is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game that is playable for Microsoft Windows, PS3, PS4 and macOS. As revealed by Polygon, this new expansion version will include adventures into new regions and cities. Moreover, it will have added inventory and the level cap placed against the backdrop of a new red image plus the introduction of samurai job classes.

An added benefit for the new game players is the free game trial until reaching level 35. After this, they can continue to play, however, they should pay the monthly subscription rate. The Collector's Edition is offered at $ 59 for digital download and $199 for the whole package.

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