'Agents of Mayhem', a new Game Instead of Saints Row Sequel Presented at E3 2017; Here's What We Know so far

June 18, 2017

12 Minutes of Agents of Mayhem Gameplay 1080p 60fps - E3 2017 (YouTube)

12 Minutes of Agents of Mayhem Gameplay 1080p 60fps - E3 2017 (YouTube)

"Agents of Mayhem" is a new game created by the Saint Row developer Volition Studios and is slated for its launch two months from now. As part of the many games presented during the E3 2017, many of the fanbase of Volition have asked what happened to Saint Row. Although it has been carrying the brand of Volition and Deep Silver as publisher, it was nowhere to be found during the exhibition. Instead, a new game has been presented to take its place?

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In a report by PCAdvisor, it was announced that Volition is working on the new game. As to the gameplay, it will feature three heroes with their respective unique skills. They will be facing the bad guys against the background of an open-world landscape. There will be plenty of action for the game players who will be engaged in the game starting August 15, 2017, in various platforms such as Xbox One, PS4 and the PC.

Here's what we have known so far on why "Agents of Mayhem" came into being. According to Gamerant, while the Saint Row franchise had got four entries in a row plus the spin-off, however, it did not end with a bang as expected. The reason for the shift is directed towards the search for a new IP for the game that would generate a hit franchise. Another reason is the feeling of fatigue that may have burnt out the developer in making the games. This was clearly indicated during the E3 2017.

The new game puts forward similarities with the predecessor as to the spirit, ambition and humor as one game player takes into the adventures of the playable characters. It won't be long and the game will generate its own set of fan base.

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