'Xenoblade Chronicles 2' Features Anime-Like Aesthetic: Nintendo Switch Announces Simultaneous Global Release

By Aliza Xandria, | June 18, 2017

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017(YouTube)

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Official Game Trailer - Nintendo E3 2017(YouTube)

"Xenoblade Chronicles 2", the sequel to Xenoblade Chronicles is set for its worldwide launch on Nintendo Switch this fall of 2017. This was announced during the E3 2017 in Los Angeles by no less than Tetsuya Takahashi who also revealed that the release will commence once the localization for the game in Europe, particularly the accents is completed.

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According to Polygon, the game is a role-playing game that portrays the journey of the new heroes, Rex and Pyra who are swordsmen. During the E3 2017 presentation, the first footage of the gameplay featured the new heroes as the set out on an adventure into the land of Elysium. It should be noted that the RPG predecessor, Xenoblade Chronicles was exclusive for Nintendo Wii and 3Ds. However, this new game has been made ready for the Switch.

In a similar report by Gamespot, "Xenoblade Chronicles 2" will unveil a much bigger world compared to the earlier version. This time around it will present a world of massive environment and much greater numbers of enemies to be fought. Moreover, its anime-like aesthetic is an added unique feature that influences the challenging portrayal of more quests that are scattered all over the world. This is made possible by the intervention of the character designer Masatsugu Saito.

It can be recalled that the game was revealed sometime in January this year when Nintendo had officially confirmed for its development by Monolith Soft in the Switch console. This time around, it will be released in all three continents, Japan in Asia, Europe and North America. For the game players out there, keep following Telegiz for more updates of the game.

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