Batman’ Arkham News & Updates: ‘Batman Arkham Insurgency’ Delayed, Fans in Limbo; What We Know So Far

By Aliza Xandria, | June 27, 2017

 "Batman: Arkham VR" will arrive on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this coming April 25.

"Batman: Arkham VR" will arrive on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this coming April 25.

"Batman" fans have been disappointed as the rumored of the upcoming "Batman" Arkham Insurgency might not be released. This disappointed started when WB Games ended their E3 2017 and did not show anything about the rumored sequel. This lead to fans thinking if the rumored game is real.

According to The Telegiz, the rumored "Batman" will start Bruce Wayne which everyone knows as the "Batman" and Dick Grayson who is known as Robin that became the hero called Nightwing. Another rumor on the Arkham Insurgency that the main Villain is the Court of Owls. The said villains is an organized crime group and a secret society.

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The Court of Owls dates back to Gotham's earliest days since 1600 that involved in many criminal acts. The Court of Owls leaders wears owl masks on their faces while lower rank members have a human owl hybrid masks. The group also has an assassin called the talons that come to the child performer that they kidnaps to be trained or they just employed highly trained assassins that "Batman" will fight

According to The Bit Bag, that if the "Batman" Arkham Insurgency is real, it could be that WB Games are just making sure that the rumored game is prepared well. WB Games is currently busy with Middle Earth: Shadow of War the sequel of Shadow of Mordor. The game is bigger than the previous sequel that could be the reason as to why WB Games did not announce a sequel to Arkham Origins.

Even with the absence of the "Batman" Arkham Insurgency on E3 2017, it might still appear in the future. The rumored game may or may not be real but it is still being reported by many sites. But once the game has been confirmed real, then this would make "Batman" fans crazy.

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