'Persona 5' DLC Update: FREE Christmas Costume set Arrives July 11; Atlus Reports $5.12 Million Loss

By Irina Stark, | June 18, 2017

Persona 5 is set to receive a free Christmas costume set on July 11. (YouTube)

Persona 5 is set to receive a free Christmas costume set on July 11. (YouTube)

"Persona 5" is a single-player RPG but there are still set of free cool items to be added to the game next month. Meanwhile, Atlus posted a huge loss in the final quarter for the fiscal year 2017. 

The current title to the popular RPG has received wealth of new contents post its exclusive release on PS4 and PS3 in the West earlier in the year. Players suit up their characters in outfits with matching soundtracks and buy more Personas from past games in the Picaro Sets. 

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But there are also downloadable items that come free for fans who want to save their money such as Japanese voices and Christmas costumes for gamers who are still players in December and this set will arrive on July 11.

In more news, game publisher Atlus has recently posted a public notice for its last year's financial performance. According to its recent report, the company incurred a net loss of $5.12 USD or 570 Million Yen, via Social Game Info.

The net loss is realized amid a substantial units sold on "Persona 5" in Asia, however, the amount does not include sales from the US and European regions. Apparently, the release in the West was not accounted for in the company's fiscal year 2017.

The game publisher has not released information as to the reason behind the huge deficit, but as per Persona Central, it is because of a third creative studio that the company put up during the given fiscal year including its plans for a business expansion and increase number of workers.   

The publication added that the figure does not spell trouble for Atlus in anyway since "Persona 5" fared well in North America and Europe when it launched this year on PS4, and PS4. Thus, it looks promising that the company will make profits for fiscal year 2018. 

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