'The Sims 4' Update: Latest Teaser Image for Eco Living Stuff Released; Let's Play Fitness Stuff New Trailer Out

By Irina Stark, | June 18, 2017

'The Sims 4 Fitness stuff pack is now live. YouTube)

'The Sims 4 Fitness stuff pack is now live. YouTube)

Ahead of the June 23 voting for the gameplay features in "The Sims 4" Eco Living" Stuff Pack, Maxis has teased first look at one of exciting items to be added in the fan created DLC coming next year. The developer has also released the latest trailer for Let's Play Fitness stuff pack. 

SimGuruGraham of The Sims team revealed an image teasing the new sink that will be featured in "The Sims 4" Eco Living stuff pack. This took place during the preview of the soon-to-be-released Let's Play Fitness stuff pack in a recent livestream via Twitch. 

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New sink in Eco Living Stuff Pack for
(Photo : Maxis/EA) New sink in Eco Living Stuff Pack for "The Sims 4".

Fans will once again vote for the gameplay features that they will like to see in the Eco Living stuff pack this Friday. But before the voting happens on June 23, the development team already showed a gilimpse at the rough list of potential gameplay features to choose in a post on Twitter. 

However, it is not yet the final draft and the team has yet to arrive at a shorter list that fans will have to vote for by then. SimGuruGraham is encouraging fans to tell them if they have something that they missed to include in the list and he will consider including their suggestions in the options available during this week's voting.

In more news, Maxis has just held a livestream a few days ago dedicated for the new Fitness Stuff Pack coming to "The Sims 4" this week. Titled Let's Play, it will be available on June 20 and a brand new 

The new contents to arrive in the new Let's Play Fitness stuff pack for "The Sims 4" include a rock climbing threadmill, some workout videos, earbuds, chic Sports apparel and a lot more. For fans who missed it, they can watch the latest trailer streamed on the game's official Twitch channel below.

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