Must Try Games Like 'Dota 2', the Best Alternatives This 2017

By Jacques Strauss, | June 18, 2017

'Dota 2' Was Provided Its Latest Update 7.02 by Valve (YouTube)

'Dota 2' Was Provided Its Latest Update 7.02 by Valve (YouTube)

"Dota 2" is undeniably one of the most popular Multiplayer Online Battle Arena gaming genre today. However, games like "Dota 2" are surprisingly catching up with the craze, and here below are some of the best alternatives.

The highly suggested game similar to that of "Dota 2" is the "League of Legends." Similar to "Dota," "League of Legends" also offers a variety of heroes that gamers may choose from.

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Its popularity is in constant increase. To some experts and enthusiasts, such game sits at the top along with "Dota." Thus, making the game not your ordinary alternative.

Another alternative MOBA game to try would be Heroes of the Storm. As of the current writing, this game is a rising star in the MOBA genre.

Both "Dota 2" and "LoL" are facing "Heroes of the Storm" as one of its toughest competition in the gaming industry. Similar to the games mentioned above, "Heroes of the Storm" follows similar gameplay of the said games.

This particular MOBA game was developed by a legendary game developer, Blizzard. Most gamers would comment that pure skills and experience separates good players from new ones. It is said as such for unlike "Dota 2," there are now items or accessories to give you an advantage over the enemy.

Although not as popular as the above mentioned MOBA games, the "Marvel Heroes 2016" is gradually gaining attention as one of the enjoyable "Dota 2" alternatives. In this specific game, Marvel brought into an arena the favorite heroes and villains.

Players may choose to play their favorite Marvel character while competing against other players. In the past months, the roster of heroes has grown drastically, giving gamers more options.

If you want to focus on teamplay and strategy gameplay, then "Heroes of Newerth" is a must try game like "Dota 2." Although the game is based on Warcraft 3 mod: DotA, there are many unique elements that give its own distinct style.

For example, players may create a clan and recruit other players in order to dominate the game. Rather than focusing on individual attacking, the game centers on team play. The best part of this game is that it is free to play.

Watch here below other "Dota 2" alternatives:

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