'Spider-Man' PS4 News: New Combat System to Surpass 'Batman Arkham' Games; Insomniac Games Tease Map Size, Alternate Costumes, Classic Villains, More!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 17, 2017

Marvel and Insomniac Games Launched a new trailer for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game at E3 2017. (YouTube)

Marvel and Insomniac Games Launched a new trailer for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game at E3 2017. (YouTube)

The latest updates for the "Spider-Man" PS4 game will feature the map size, alternate costumes, classic villains and a combat system that will rival or surpass "Batman Arkham" games.

It was during the Electronic Entertainment Expo event that Marvel and Insomniac Games showcased a new gameplay trailer for "Spider-Man" on the PlayStation 4 as gamers and Marvel fans alike witness some of the new features within the game and Spider-Man facing-off with Martin Li/Mister Negative, not to mention a cameo appearance by Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man.

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Now Insomniac Games revealed a ton of information about the new "Spider-Man" game during various interviews within E3 2017. First of these is the map size of game as community director James Stevenson confirmed that it will be four or six times bigger than the map featured in "Sunset Overdrive," and it will on its "own world," with many of the same memorable elements of the property’s version of New York but with some creative flourishes that will “surprise people.”

The second feature will be that Spider-Man's alter-ego Peter Parker will be playable within the game as Insomniac Games explained that the game will not always be 100 percent Spider-Man and will see more of Peter's side story aside from being a hero. Gaming fans also wanted to acknowledge how Peter will meet Miles at some point within the "Spider-Man" but the developers kept silent about it, Gamerant reported.

Insomniac Games also confirmed that the "Spider-Man" will also have different alternate costumes in the game via tweet from its official Twitter page. However, the developers did not reveal what are the possible costumes available in the game. Fans are hoping to see the classic Venom black suite, Spider-Man 2099, Future Foundation or even Ben Reilly's Scarlet Spider costume.

The 'Spider-Man' game will feature more of Spidey's classic villains besides Mister Negative and Wilson Fisk/Kingpin. Characters like Doctor Octopus, Kraven the Hunter and Green Goblin are some to the villains fans want to see in the game.

Lastly, the new combat system of "Spider-Man" could also potentially rival or surpass the combat system used in Rocksteady Studios "Batman Arkham" game series, but it is still hard to say if Insomniac Games take on the 'Spidey' could be a different kind of success on its own, Bleeding Cool reported.

The "Spider-Man" PS4 game will launch sometime in 2018 for the PS4 console.

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