Earlier Release Date for LG V30, LG G7? Specs, Features and Details Revealed So Far

By Josef Bell, | June 15, 2017

The LG G6 sports a 5.7-inch screen and boasts of a dual-lens camera that enables users shoot awesome wide-angle shots. (YouTube)

The LG G6 sports a 5.7-inch screen and boasts of a dual-lens camera that enables users shoot awesome wide-angle shots. (YouTube)

Like Samsung, LG is rolling out a second flagship this 2017 called the LG V30 and the latest rumors suggested the device will launch ahead of schedule or August. And the same goes for the Korean device maker's first flagship bet for 2018 - the LG G7 will reportedly touch down January next year.

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Following reports of Samsung's plan to introduce the Note 8 via the IFA 2017 Berlin trade show at the start of September, LG seems wanting to preempt the phablet flagship as the V30 is supposedly coming out in August. If the rumors will prove correct, the V30 will come out one month ahead of the LG V20 as the latter was launched in September 2016.

According to 9to5Google, the LG V30 will feature an OLED display or the same glass panel that is expected from the rumored all-screen iPhone 8. In addition, the V30 will include a second sliding display in support of "functions like a keyboard, contextual-buttons, search results and more."

And like the Galaxy Note 8, the chance is high for the V30 to access the upgraded Snapdragon 835 chip that is thought to be called SD 836. This appears to be LG making up for the disappointment that the LG G6 was, which had to settle with the Snapdragon 821 processor.

Also in the LG flagship pipeline is the 2018 hero device that WCCFTech said will be powered by 10-nanometer Snapdragon 845 - the LG G7. It's quite possible that the handset will be the first to get a taste of the upcoming Qualcomm chipset, the report added.

That's because the LG G7 is tipped to crash the smartphone scene as early as January 2018, purportedly to get a significant lead start against Samsung's first flagship release for next year, rumored to be the Galaxy S9.

The reports so far did not include further details on both the LG V30 and LG G7 but it can be assumed that the handsets will make use of the bezel-less display that is anticipated from the Galaxy Note 8 and Apple iPhone 8.

Likewise, it remains unclear if the LG V30 will come out of the box running on Android O, which Google is expected to release in the next few months.

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