OnePlus 5 Promises Premium Hardware, OS Upgrades While Keeping Flagship Killer Price?

By Josef Bell, | June 15, 2017

OnePlus 5 render

OnePlus 5 render

Many things have been confirmed about the OnePlus 5 and foremost of which is that the global release date will commence June 20 with the promise of a still relatively affordable sticker price. But what really to expect from the handset widely regarded as a flagship killer?

Per the confirmation from OnePlus and Qualcomm, the OP5 will arrive boasting of Snapdragon 835 chip that is also found on the Samsung Galaxy S8. And it has been suggested that the SD 835 on the OnePlus 5 will tap on up to 8GB of RAM, as seen in a recent listing by Amazon India.

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It is expected too that a 6GB RAM edition will be made available with 64GB of basic storage. For the 8GB RAM model, the internal memory is said to be 128GB.

And in speaking of storage, WCCFTech said the OnePlus 5 will make use of the UFS 2.1-level storage technology, which is aimed for the device to achieve optimal performance fluidity. This is in line with OnePlus' recent tease that significant tweaks have been made on OxygenOS to ensure the OP5 and earlier versions of the line will impress with buttery smooth device performance.

If true that the handset is packed with UFS 2.1 storage then the mix of hardware to deploy with the OnePlus 5 will certainly support the device maker's claim of enhanced mobile experience with the upcoming refresh.

Of note too is while the OP5 will debut rocking Android Nougat, the device will soon take in Android O, perhaps just a few months following the Google mobile OS' official deployment.

Also part of the deal is a dual camera setup that WCCFTech said should compensate for the OP5's lack of wireless charging support and waterproofing protection.

But the OnePlus 5 skipping on some of the standard flagship features and functionalities could be the reason the device will keep its attractiveness. With some of the rumored features not making the final cut, the OnePlus 5 on release date will remain reasonably priced as the cash damage even for the most premium model is thought to be no more than $500.

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