'Pokemon Stars' E3 2017 Update: Game Freak Confirms Pokemon Game Underway for Release on Nintendo Switch

By Irina Stark, | June 15, 2017

A core RPG Pokemon title is confirmed for Nintendo Switch, which is currently dubbed as "Pokemon Stars". (YouTube)

A core RPG Pokemon title is confirmed for Nintendo Switch, which is currently dubbed as "Pokemon Stars". (YouTube)

Pokemon fans, rejoice! After being long rumored since last year, a new Pokemon game under code name "Pokemon Stars" is confirmed to be in the works for Nintendo's latest gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. This delightful news has been announced in a video by The Pokemon Company's Tsunekazu Ishihara.

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Following rumors on the development of an Pokemon game currently dubbed as "Pokemon Stars", Ishihara aptly made the announcement all the ways from his desk in time for E3 2017. He revealed that a core RPG Pokemon title is indeed underway for Nintendo Switch, validating ongoing speculations that have been making the rounds online since late 2016.

It is noted as the first time for Nintendo to offer a Pokemon game for a home console, however, it is not yet known wether it will be a remastered game or a new one. The Pokemon Company did not provide more details but fans might have to wait for it for to arrive on Nintendo Switch for a year or even more.   

While it did not mention that the game is brand new game or not, fans are hoping that it could be the highly speculated "Pokemon Stars". Previous leaks claimed that this Pokemon game for Switch is a remastered version of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" that was released on 3DS.  

It was late last year when reports of "Pokemon Stars" emerged on the net and that it was allegedly Nintendo that included the game's teaser in one of the videos. All the past Pokemon games launched on home console were spin-offs, Metro reported.

The publication further noted that it would seem odd since it would be basically the third game as Nintendo also announced Ultra Sun and and Ultra Moon. This new Pokemon game for Switch, the "Pokemon Stars", is believed to be a version of Sun and Moon as well.    

So, it is not yet clear what are the exact plans of The Pokemon Company and what it has up its sleeves at this point. Whether it is whole new Pokemon game or a remastered version known as the "Pokemon Stars" is everyone's guess.

But this news from E3 2017 comes as pure joy to all Pokemon fans out there who own a Nintendo Switch. "Pokemon Stars", or of sorts, is now confirmed to be on the way for release soon.  

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