'Tekken 7' Update: DLC 1 Release Date this Summer; Guest Characters, Returning Game Mode, New Costumes Leaked

By Irina Stark, | June 15, 2017

Tekken 7 DLC 1 will arrive in summer with new guest characters, costumes, returning game mode, and more. (YouTube)

Tekken 7 DLC 1 will arrive in summer with new guest characters, costumes, returning game mode, and more. (YouTube)

Fresh from release on Xbox One, PS 4, and PC, "Tekken 7" will be receiving its very first DLC soon. But ahead of its arrival, dataminers have discovered a host of details on the new contents to expect such as returning game mode, guest characters, new costumes, and more. 

The DLC 1 for "Tekken 7 will likely see the return of fan favorite game mode, Tekken Bowl, from Tekken Tag Tournament. Fans will need to shell out an extra $10 to avail of this game mode, however.  

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There will also be two new characters that have placeholder files in "Tekken 7" game where the first character has a meter system that resemblers that of Akuma and Eliza. This is an indication that that the DLC 1 character could be a guest star from another Capcom franchise, "Street Fighter".

But it is also plausible that the developer is tapping other guest fighters outside of Capcom's series. For example, it can add Kazuma Kiryu from "Yakuza" who is noted to have a similar meter. 

The "Tekken 7" DLC 1 will also be packed with new costumes such as swimsuits, idol master cosplay, school uniforms, and more. It is further said that these are outfits from the game's arcade version.  

The datamined files, however, revealed that the DLC 1 contents are listed as PS4-exclusive, hinting that the DLC has timed-exclusivity deal with Sony. But Bandai Namco has yet to announce more information regarding the "Tekken 7" Season Pass. 

But fans can recall that the development previously said that classic Tekken characters will arrive to the game for free and will not be part of any paid DLC. So, this means that the likes of fan-requested Lei Wulong will not cost players a thing to get the character in the game.    

The release date of the first DLC is scheduled this Summer while other packs will come out in Winter 2017 and Spring 2017. "Tekken 7" is now available on Xbox One, PS4, and Windows PC. 

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