'Killer Instinct' Characters: Eagle, Brother of Thunder, Introduced in new Trailer

By Jacques Strauss, | June 15, 2017

The new Killer Instinct character, Eagle, has been formally introduced through its own trailer.

The new Killer Instinct character, Eagle, has been formally introduced through its own trailer.

The newest "Killer Instinct" character has been given its own trailer. Eagle, which was introduced last month, will soon be arriving in the game before the end of June.

This new addition to "Killer Instinct" has been described as Native American. As apparently seen on its outfit, Eagle is expected to showcase Native American warrior's fighting style.

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Based on the newly released trailer, the brother of Thunder will be relying on bow and arrow techniques. Thus, it is to be expected that this new "Killer Instinct" character will be a zoning-based character, according to Event Hubs.

Eagle is expected to drop on June 27, which will mark the third fighter introduction following the game's third season that ended last year. Such arrival of the new character will be alongside KI 3.8 patch.

With the latest clip showcasing Eagle's potential attacks and weaponry, it is also being speculated that the bionic eagle that the character has will somehow assist him in combat. Some even speculated that aside from fighting, the eagle may give power-ups to the character. As seen on the video, the animal spirit of Eagle can retrieve missed shots and return them to him.

This character is unique from other for it was greatly influenced by the team in Nez Perce community. His voice, outfit, and fighting style was carefully crafted to fit with the lore.

"Everything you see around Eagle, the way he looks, the weapons, his voice, the music, every single thing has been influenced by the team over in the Nez Perce community. The stories, the things he says, his taunts with the snake eyes, that is all authentic to the Nez Perce. We wanted a character that fit with the lore, but also fit with the way this character should be dressing," Polygon quoted Nicole Fawcette of Xbox as saying.

Watch here below the trailer of "Killer Instincts" new character:

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