'Half-Life 3' News: 3 Reasons Why Development of Sequel Won't Happen Anytime Soon

By Irina Stark, | June 15, 2017

Half-Life 3 development will not happen anytime soon as new writer exits Valve. (YouTube)

Half-Life 3 development will not happen anytime soon as new writer exits Valve. (YouTube)

A lot of fans still hang on to hope that "Half-Life 3" will see the light of day in the near future. But with how things are going inside Valve, the future of the franchise is now bleaker and there are three apparent reasons why the development will not happen just anytime soon. 

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Series' Writers Depart from Valve

Over the last two years, there are now four key writers of the series that departed from Valve. It was in January 2016 when Marc Laidlaw left the company and then Eric Wolpaw followed suit. 

This year, Chet Faliszek also announced his exit from Valve Corporation and most recent is Jay Pinkerton. Pinkerton revealed on his Facebook account that he has now separated from Valve.

This writer began working in the development of "Cracked" and he joined Valve back in 2008, IGN reported. He was recognized for his work in "Portal 2" along with his co-writer, Wolpaw. 

Valve pre-occupied with Other Digital Games

Valve is reportedly directing most of its attention to other digital games on Steam, which are obviously bringing in more profits to the company until now. These multiplayer games include "Dota 2", "Counter-Strike", and "Team Fortress 2", and it appears quite an intrigue for fans why they have to see Pinkerton leaving the company, too. 

Team's Lack of Interest in Making "Half-Life 3" 

It can be recalled how CEO Gabe Newell mentioned before that a "Half-Life 3" development will only proceed and see a release in the future if its team will have such interest to work on "Half-Life 3". Until today, the development floats in the air and with four writers gone, the future of the franchise gets bleaker as it seems. 

"Half-Life 2" was launched in 2004, which means it is more than 12 years since and there is no sequel in sight. Fans can hope that despite the old writers gone, "Half-Life 3" development will still take off with a set of new writers on board, though. 

But if Valve does new writers to handle the highly anticipated project, it will still take years in production. So, players cannot expect "Half-Life 3" to come out any sooner and will need to have mega tons of patience to wait for it. 

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