New Multiple UFO Sighting Captured on Camera; Astronomers Dismiss It Simply as New Form of Light

By Jacques Strauss, | June 14, 2017

UFO Update: Alien Invasion? Six Hovering Disc, Witnessed In Arizona; Details Inside

UFO Update: Alien Invasion? Six Hovering Disc, Witnessed In Arizona; Details Inside

A multiple UFO sightings have been recently reported online. However, this strange object in the sky has been easily dismissed by experts simply as a new form of light or even lens flare.

The peculiar event witnessed by some people in broad daylight gained the attention of various news outlets and UFO dedicated agencies. As described by witnesses and seen on most photos, an "orb light inside a disk-shaped purple haze" appeared out of the blue.

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Some news media outlet described the reported sighting and the alleged evidence as that of a "bizarre UFO" or an "eerie snap of a UFO." However, upon scrutiny of experts like astronomer Eamonn Ansbro, he believed that such anomaly in the sky is but a new form of light known as a plasma ball.

"There's a similar ball of light that has been seen in a place called Hessdalen in Norway. I know the people who operate there and they have automated instrumentation that has recorded them, and we've had recordings here as well. It appears to be a new form of light in physics that we don't know about yet, so we're putting the physics to it to see what it's about," Express quoted Eamonn Ansbro of Kingsland Observatory in Boyle, Co Roscommon as saying.

Meanwhile, this latest bizarre UFO sighting is not the first multiple sighting reported online. It can be remembered that in 2016, multiple UFO sightings have also been reported in Turkey.

The said phenomenon gained attention after various social media posts of the said phenomenon proliferated online. A hashtag "#ufoattacktoturkey" even became a trending topic.

Most photographs shared online showcased of a cluster of four or five orbs. The said orbs are usually seen in a triangle or wedge shape, which somehow coincides with the previous reports of UFO.

Watch here below a video record of a sighting in Turkey:

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