Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Specs and Features Revealed: Scheduled Release Ahead of iPhone 8; Bixby Better Than Google Assistant, Alexa and Siri?

By Staff Reporter, | June 12, 2017

OMG! Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 Unboxing Leaked? (Clone) - 2017/ YouTube

OMG! Samsung Galaxy NOTE 8 Unboxing Leaked? (Clone) - 2017/ YouTube

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is undeniably one of the most anticipated smartphones to be released this year after the disastrous outcome of the exploding Note 7.

The success of Note 8 will be a significant milestone for the Korean tech giant so as to prove that the next flagship phone will be reliable and durable. There are already rumors circulating with regards to the specs and features which potential users might be interested in.

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Reports have indicated that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will feature the curve display from Samsung S8, covering the entire front of the phone. Moreover, Note 8 will have a 6.3-inch infinity display, and the screen resolution will be identical to the S8. However, rumors have surfaced that it will possibly have an upgraded 4K resolution.


Similar to the Note 8's rival devices from One Plus, Huawei, and Apple, it will have a dual camera according to a leakage reported by ValueWalk, and which will be possibly the most popular feature of the phone if it will be included. Users will enjoy the low lighting capabilities of the phone, and it is expected that the smartphone photography will be improved especially in darker conditions. The Galaxy


Users will benefit from the 64GB and 128GB versions, a smart move to give allow consumers to choose between the 2 versions. Aside from the internal storage, it is rumored that the Note 8 will also offer a micro sd slot, however, this has not been confirmed yet.

Wireless Charging

With Samsung wanting to prove that it can deliver a different smartphone this year, the Galaxy Note 8 will benefit from wireless charging. However, Samsung will have to do better than including the wireless charging feature because Apple is also expected to introduce a more advanced wireless charging up to 15 feet.

Bixby Support

It is reported that the Samsung assistant is better than its rivals since Bixby is able to work with commands like "make a folder with this photos", "when was this taken?".

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