'Tekken 7': New Update Brings Stability to PS4, Xbox One; Local Gamer Beats World Champions at Philippines' Tournament

By Matthew King, | June 11, 2017

"Tekken 7" receives a new update that improves stability of PS4, and Xbox One versions. (YouTube)

"Tekken 7" receives a new update that improves stability of PS4, and Xbox One versions. (YouTube)

"Tekken 7" has released a new Update as developer's response to address the issues that players have been experiencing in the game. This update improves the game stability, addresses the online match making, and also adds more features for online play.

The latest update fixes some character's moves properties but it also removes some information that was displayed about the other player before a match, which is not a good news for some. Details about the improvements brought byUpdate 1.02 can be found below:

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1. These four player information will no longer be displayed before at the beginning of a match: Character selected, Wins, Rank and Title.

2. The connection with other players can now be established more consistently.

3. Game stability improvements such as the addition of ON/OFF feature for voice chat, an addition of ON/OFF for voice chat to the OPTION menu, the default setting is now set to OFF, and improvements on Nina's Ivory Cutter attack properties.

"Tekken 7"Update 1.02 is currently available to download on PS4 and Xbox One, and coming soon to PC. It is understandable that the consoles got the update first since they were hit hardest by the issues in playing the game. 

In another news, Philippines hosted a major "Tekken 7" event this past weekend, bringing in the two of the world's strongest players. The next stop of Hyun-jin "JDCR" Kim and Jin-woo "Saint" Choi of South Korea who were first and second at Combo Breaker in the United States were in Makati City for the Rage Art Tournament.

The tournament allowed local competitors to try their skills against the two "Tekken 7" masters and surprisingly, Saint's world status was "put in jeopardy by an unlikely local."

Check out the report of Kotaku for a more detailed report on how the Filipino competitor Andreij "Doujin" Albar work his way to victory against the world's best "Tekken 7" players.

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