NASA’s Futuristic ‘Batmobile’ Finally Unveiled! Here’s Everything You Have to Know

By Angel Lee, | June 12, 2017

NASA’s Futuristic ‘Batmobile’ Finally Unveiled! Here’s Everything You Have to Know

NASA’s Futuristic ‘Batmobile’ Finally Unveiled! Here’s Everything You Have to Know

With the aims of better understanding the Red Planet, NASA has finally unveiled a new Mars rover concept vehicle that will serve both as a working vehicle and laboratory. Following the unveiling of the concept vehicle, NASA believes that the new machine could be the future of transporting humans on the Mars and potentially be used in colonizing the Red Planet. Dubbed as the "Mars Batmobile," the 8.5-meter vehicle also features six huge wheels that will allegedly allow it to travel over craters, dunes, and rocks. In addition, a sloping front reminiscent of the Nolan-era Batmobile will also be noticed and solar panels that will function as a power source of everything that's in the vehicle.

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Futuristic Mars Rover

Following its unveiling at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, it was found that NASA's black six-wheeled concept vehicle has been entirely made of carbon fibre, which can accommodate four people inside. Designed by Parker Brothers Concepts, the creation of "Mars Batmobile" has reportedly followed intricate specifications provided by the American space agency. NASA explains that the front part the truck has been designed for scouting, while the detachable back can serve as a laboratory.

Furthermore, NASA adds that the new vehicle will also promote the agency's so-called "summer of Mars" in order to teach young people about its efforts to land humans on Earth's neighboring world. Given that the concept vehicle will never cruise the dunes of Mars, NASA remains confident that some of its elements could potentially pave the way to bring astronauts to the Red Planet. As of the press time, it was also found that NASA's next robotic rover is due to touch down in 2020, with aims of searching for signs of past microbial life and collect core samples.

NASA's Plans

Meanwhile, NASA reveals that despite being just a prototype, the concept vehicle might just take specific elements which will lead them to better creations. On the other hand, while Mars 2020 rover will be built in Curiosity's image, scientific instruments have also been included in the said vehicle. Ultimately, NASA predicts that it will take between eight and nine months to cruise to Mars, and will land in the first quarter of 2021.

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