'Spider-Man' PS4 News: Insomniac Games to Reveal More Details at E3 2017; New Gameplay, Release Date Announcement Expected?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 09, 2017

Marvel teases "Spider-Man" PS4 as one of the best games PlayStation 4. (YouTube)

Marvel teases "Spider-Man" PS4 as one of the best games PlayStation 4. (YouTube)

New "Spider-Man" PS4 details will likely be revealed at E3 2017 along with a possible gameplay and release date announcement.

Insomniac Games tweeted a confirmation that the new "Spider-Man" game for the PlayStation 4 will be showcased at the upcoming 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo event. The announcement came after Sony released their list of upcoming games for the event which also featured the "Spider-Man" PS4 game alongside other titles like "God of War," "Uncharted: The Lost Legacy," "Days Gone" and "Gran Turismo Sport."

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Gaming fans can get a behind the scenes look at "Spider-Man" PS4 starting at 4:30 pm Pacific Time as both Insomniac and Marvel take the stage to show the game off to the public.

The "Spider-Man" PS4 game made it first appearance at last year's E3 press conference and Insomniac Games has basically flown under the radar and out of sight ever since. The highly anticipated "Spider-Man" game has essentially skipped every major event following its announcement, so fans have only had the initial trailer to go through for details.

The only definitive information Insomniac Games has released is that "Spider-Man" PS4 runs on the "Ratchet & Clank" game engine, and the studio’s intention is to really showcase all of the things that make the web-slinger awesome, Gamerant reported.

With Sony and Insomniac Games confirming "Spider-Man" PS4's presence in E3 2017, will gaming fans expect a new gamplay trailer or a possible release date announcement?

So far, Insomniac Games stated that the "Spider-Man" PS4 will feature an open-world New York City and Peter Parket sports a different Spider-Man suite in the game catching bad guys.

"Spider-Man" PS4 will feature a more experienced Peter Parker, as the iconic Marvel character uses his parkour skills to fight crime throughout New York City. From traversing with parkour and utilizing the environment, to new combat and blockbuster set pieces, it is a Spider-Man game unlike anything, PlayStation Universe reported.

It is also rumored that the "Spider-Man" PS4 could have a VR gameplay feature as Senior vice president of games and innovations Jay Ong stated that they are excited about the possibilities of having VR projects in their Marvel games, noting they do not want to make VR games for the novelty.

Ong added that the new "Spider-Man" PS4 could be one of the best video games in the PS4 and fans are interested to see how the web-slinger swings from building after building in his point-of-view.

"Spider-Man" is speculated to launch sometime in 2017 for the PS4.

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