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New 'Tekken 7' DLC Guest Characters to Include Chun-Li, Solid Snake, Kazuma Kiryu; Schedules for the First Patch Update Revealed!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | June 08, 2017

Tekken 7 DLC 1 will arrive in summer with new guest characters, costumes, returning game mode, and more. (YouTube)

Tekken 7 DLC 1 will arrive in summer with new guest characters, costumes, returning game mode, and more. (YouTube)

The latest details for "Tekken 7" will feature new possible guest characters in the roster and schedules for the first patch update revealed.

It seems that new details for the first patch update for "Tekken 7" have been revealed as the game's official website stated that the Tekken team is working hard on improving the game and give the best experience for gamers on both the console and PC versions.

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Three schedules have been announced for the "Tekken 7" patch update as the PC version will get the first patch fix and will improve the security of and updates on Denuvo. It is important for them to note that this patch was developed concurrently and did not push back the patches addressing online issues

Next will be the PlayStation 4 version, which is scheduled sometime within the week and will address its online stability including matchmaking issues, and bug fixes. The Tekken team will reveal more details on the patch soon.

Finally, a similar patch from the PS4 will be added to the PC and Xbox One platforms next week to address online stability and bug fixes.

With the patch updates being developed and tested, it seems that gaming fans will have smooth and enjoyable time playing "Tekken 7." Many players especially the PS4 users had trouble playing the sequel properly online due to numerous in-game lags, to the point they had to lower the game's resolution to play properly.

In other news, it seems that new video game characters are hinted to be added as guest fighters in "Tekken 7."

The first clue on one of the DLC guest characters revealed he/she will have a gauge meter similar to Akuma and Eliza in "Tekken 7." With that in mind, gaming fans deduced that this character could be from "Street Fighter" and Twitter username Tia tweeted Chun-Li as the possible guest fighter.

Majority of the gaming fans requested to game producer Katsuhiro Harada to add "Yakuza's" Kazuma Kiryu, while the latter wanted "King of Fighters" Gees Howard in "Tekken 7."

Other characters that fans want in "Tekken 7" include "Devil May Cry" Dante, Shadow the Hedgehog, "KoF" Kyo Kusanagi, "Final Fantasy VII" Cloud Strife, "Metal Gear Solid" Solid Snake, "StarCraft" Kerrigan and "Mortal Kombat" Scorpion, Tekken Gamer reported.

"Tekken 7" is currently available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC platform.

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