'Destiny 2' Update: Bungie not Adding Grimoire Cards in the Sequel; PS4 Pro Version Will Not Run At 60fps?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | May 22, 2017

Players who pre-order the game will get the planned "Destiny 2" beta. (YouTube)

Players who pre-order the game will get the planned "Destiny 2" beta. (YouTube)

The latest details for "Destiny 2" will feature no Grimiore cards and the PS4 Pro version will not reach 60fps in the sequel.

It seems that console users may have a problem in playing "Destiny 2" properly as Bungie's lead designer David Shaw revealed that sequel will be locked on 30fps in the PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One consoles, while the PC version can go as high as 144fps.

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This is due to the lack of CPU horsepower in the console versions. While the PS4 Pro can still run in 4K resolution, game director Luke Smith explained that the "Destiny 2" in the PS4 Pro is not powerful enough to reach 60fps with all of the rich physics simulation, collision and players, networking etc. and he does not want to keep the everyone's hopes up regarding its resolution.

On the brighter side, PlayStation users can still enjoy "Destiny 2's" 4K resolution in the PS4 Pro as project lead Mark Noseworthy explained that their is a lot of GPU power in the PS4 Pro as he cited A.I. and monsters in an environment with physically simulated vehicles, characters and projectiles, PlayStationLifeStyle reported.

In other news, Bungie announced that Grimoire cards will not be included in "Destiny 2's" gameplay feature.

The Grimiore cards in the first "Destiny" game have been used as a part of the game's companion app from Bungie. These cards give more information about the lore within the game and they can be achieved by completing challenges, finding dead Ghosts, doing various strike missions, collecting weapons, or visiting various locations, Forbes reported.

However, despite the information that these cards can give, many gamers complained about the Grimoire cards because players could not look at them in-game. Instead, they had to go to the Bungie website or to the companion app to read them.

The inaccessibility of the Grimoire cards in-game also did not help the original "Destiny" story complaints, as much of the Grimoire entries also helped to flesh out the narrative more than the actual game did.

"Destiny 2's" lore will instead be integrated into the game, with players being able to see more of the story in the actual game instead of collecting cards.

Bungie revealed tons of information about "Destiny 2" last week showcasing new game trailer, gameplay, subclasses, weapons, game modes and many more.

"Destiny 2" is set to launch on Sept. 8, 2017 for the PS4 and Xbox One, while the PC version will be release in a later date.

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