'Destiny 2' Enhanced with Game Guides and New Weapons, Will Soon be Available on PC

By Icar A. Ballesteros, | May 21, 2017

Destiny 2 (YouTube)

Destiny 2 (YouTube)

"Destiny 2" already had its big reveal event. The game will be on PC right after it is launched on console one. There are also other features that have been revealed during the event.

The game will be available in console one on Sept. 8 and there is no specific date on when it will be available on PC. "Destiny 2" is also reported to be exclusively available through Blizzard's Battle.net service.

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In fact, director Luke Smith shared that the team is committed to making a PC version of "Destiny 2". He also noted that it will be made sure that the time needed for it to come to PC will be enough. It can be expected that once the PC version will be available it will be worth the wait.

During the reveal event for "Destiny 2", it was made clear that there will be changes to the new game from the original one. Guided Games are essential in the latest franchise. There also are new weapons added in the said game.

 The players also will have a wider choice of weapons in "Destiny 2". The game's developers made sure that there are weapons added from the already existing ones from the first franchise. A kinetic weapon, an energy weapon, and a power weapon are all added into the game.

It can be recalled that a primary, a secondary and a power weapon were available in the original game. All these have been enhanced in "Destiny 2". Players can definitely choose from these weapons that have been added into the new game.

Meanwhile, the game's developer made sure that the PvP content has been refitted into a 4-player team. In "Destiny 2" also, Raids can be played by anyone which is also another enhancement for the game. Gamers can already expect a vast experience in this new franchise.

"Destiny 2" will soon be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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