'Resident Evil 7' Nintendo Switch Version in the Works Soon; Sequel to Hit 10 Million Units in Lifetime Sales!

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | May 20, 2017

RESIDENT EVIL 7 CHRIS REDFIELD Cameo Easter Egg Ending Gameplay Walkthrough PS4/Xbox One/PC

RESIDENT EVIL 7 CHRIS REDFIELD Cameo Easter Egg Ending Gameplay Walkthrough PS4/Xbox One/PC

New updates for "Resident Evil 7" will feature the sequel hitting 10 million units in sales and a Nintendo Switch version soon.

Capcom announced their new goal for "Resident Evil 7" has they attempt to reach 10 million copies for its lifetime sales. The Japanese publisher failed to reach 4 million in the fiscal year having 3.5 millions in global sales, yet they remain optimistic about the game's success.

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The company's management stated that reaching 3.5 million shipment of "Resident 7" is a "solid start" for them alongside "Monster Hunter Double-Cross." Capcom noted that "Resident Evil 7" failing to meet the initial sales targets is not the end of the world because the "life cycle" for games is growing longer. Not only that, but digital sales are getting bigger and bigger, and those are higher-margin compared to boxed retail games.

Past games like "Resident Evil 4,""RE: 5,"and "RE: 6" each sold in the range of 7.5 million to 10 million units individually, and the expectation is that "Resident Evil 7" will get there very soon.

The sequels favorable reviews will help it continue to sell, while Capcom is also planning marketing events and more DLC to help increase sales further, WCCFTech reported.

In other news, the possibility of having "Resident Evil 7" in the Nintendo Switch version could happen very soon.

Nintendo reach out to various developers during the time the console was being developed for feedback. Capcom pushed Nintendo to increase the Nintendo Switch’s RAM capacity to at least 4GB, which is what the console launched with earlier this month. The latter took the advice from Capcom and increased its RAM capacity.

However, Capcom had other plans in mind for the Switch in terms of the increased RAM, as they are at the midst of developing the RE Engine for "Resident Evil 7" at the time and wanted Nintendo to create a console with the right amount memory to support the system.

Game producer Masachika Kawata stated before that he took an interest in the Nintendo Switch, calling it an interesting piece of hardware and will likely be used for current and future video game titles.

However, Kawata did clarify that Capcom will not have plans in developing "Resident Evil 7" in the Nintendo Switch, at least at the moment, SegmentNext reported.

For now, Capcom is currently developing the next DLC for "Resident Evil 7" called "Not a Hero" starring Chris Redfield.

"Resident Evil 7" is currently available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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