AMD Threadripper to Challenge Intel Core i9 in High-End Desktop Market; Specs, Price Defining Point

By Jacques Strauss, | May 19, 2017

An image render of the upcoming Intel Core i9.

An image render of the upcoming Intel Core i9.

After the success of AMD Ryzen, the Sunnyvale-based tech company will soon release their so-called Ryzen 9 or the Threadripper. The currently leading brand, on the other hand, has its Intel Core i9 to offer consumers in the high-end desktop market.

Taking advantage of the momentum that they have since the release of AMD Ryzen, the company has unveiled their so-called Ryzen 9. The Threadripper has been reported to feature a 16-core, 32-thread CPU.

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The target of the upcoming AMD device is to give users ultra high-end of performance in desktop their experience. The chip soon to be released will use the current 14-nanometer Zen architecture, which will come with all-new HEDT platform.

There were no other specific details concerning the device provided by the company, but it has been speculated that its launching would be this summer. The Computex event in Taiwan may likely be a platform to introduce their latest Ryzen model fully.

It would be necessary for AMD to release ahead of time their latest processor line-up, for Intel has also something under their sleeves waiting to be unveiled. The highly rumored Intel Core i9 is said to be the latest and most powerful addition to their arsenal of high-end desktop processors.

Several leak and media sites claimed that the upcoming Core i9 from Intel would include four variants, differing on their cores/ threads. The top of the line would be the model Core i9-7920X having 12 cores, 24 threads.

The said variant would then be followed by 7900x with ten cores, 20 threads. It is believed to have a speed of 3.3GHz with a maximum boost of 4.5GHz.

Succeeding variants of the Core i9 would include an eight-core (16 threads) and a hexacore with 12 threads. All of the above-mentioned variants will face AMD Threadripper in the high-end desktop department.

Despite AMD offering a 16 core model, it is still not a guarantee than enthusiast will immediately dive into it. Intel may have something on their upcoming model that could twist decisions of users, similar to the issue being thrown to gaming capabilities of the previously released Ryzen 7.

However, beyond specs, the price difference of both devices will surely make a huge difference. For those who are already contemplating to transfer to AMD with the recent positive feedbacks of Ryzen architecture, the relatively lower pricing of AMD Threadripper upon release will surely push them to do so. 

Watch here below Intel Core i9 specs presentation: 

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