Apple Park is the new Apple Headquarters with a Natural Feel

By Icar A. Ballesteros, | May 19, 2017

Apple Park

Apple Park

Apple's new headquarters had been inspired by Steve Jobs' dream. It covers a full area of 175 acres and can fill up 12,000 people.

The Apple campus is built to honor the late Apple founder Steve Jobs. The Apple Park has been designed to not using electricity. In fact, a solar power is made in order to give out electricity to the whole campus.

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Apple Park is designed in such a way that the air from the outside circulates and gives air inside. The temperature may vary from 68 degrees to 77 degrees. It has rid of the air conditioning system. This has been an environment-friendly building and is the new home for Apple Inc. employees.

The campus is located in Cupertino, California, United States. This has been a dream of Jobs and has already been realized. This is also the second campus that has been built for Apple. The original one had been located on Interstate 280.

It can be expected that with its design, the temperature inside the campus will go from where the wind blows. The site also is covered with trees to bring in the more natural air inside the building. The feel would be that of the great outdoors at the same time working in a corporate world.

This is one headquarters that give out balance to nature and technology. It is indicated that Apple will ultimately plant 9,000 trees in order to give a more natural feel to the environment. The campus will house 12,000 employees from Apple.

Inside Apple Park is the Hilltop Theater that has 1000 seats and is named in honor of Steve Jobs. Employees also have access to medical and dental facilities in the Wellness Facility. Aside from these, some fitness activities like yoga and weight lifting are also available. It is indeed a home away from home for all the Apple employees.

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