'Avengers Project' Square Enix: Marvel Tease VR Gameplay Soon; New Characters Teased?

By Miguel Paolo Togonon, | May 19, 2017

Marvel and Square Enix to work on an "Avengers" video game soon.

Marvel and Square Enix to work on an "Avengers" video game soon.

New details for Square Enix and Marvel's "Avengers Project" will feature possible new characters and a virtual reality gameplay soon.

It seems that Marvel Games is planning to have a virtual reality feature soon they told GameSpot that a number of unannounced games in development, across home consoles, mobile, and even VR/AR.

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Senior vice president of games and innovation Jay Ong stated that all of these are big, AAA games that exist in the Marvel Universe with their own stories and are not just here to promote existing movies or TV shows. Ong added that Marvel Games is now a core pillar for Marvel, and is treated as standalone when it comes to creating new stories in the Marvel universe, rather than a supporting role in the past year.

With that in mind, could Marvel and Square Enix's collaboration in creating "Avengers Project" could feature a VR gameplay soon?

It was several months ago that the teaser for the "Avengers Project" was shown to the public as the video featured famous members like Captain America, Thor, Hulk and Iron Man hinting a fallout of the heroes.

The trailer highlights the phrase “#Reassemble," accompanied by various iconic weapons associated with the Avengers members such as Iron Man's repulsor gauntlet, Thor's Mjolnir Hammer and Captain America's iconic shield being shown in states of disarray and abandonment.

There are also speculations that "Avengers Project" could feature several Marvel characters as possible new member of the team. These include the new Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, Sam Alexander a.k.a. Nova, the second Hawkeye and private investigator Kate Bishop, America Chavez a.k.a. Miss America, the Jane Foster Thor, Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales and possibly Maria Hill or Nick Fury of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gamerant reported.

For now, Marvel Games is currently focusing on their current and upcoming titles like " Guardians of the Galaxy: The Taletell Series," "Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite" and the "Spider-Man" PS4 game.

The "Avengers Project" will also be a multi-year, multi-game partnership that will see games produced at least until 2018.

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