'Clash of Clans' May 2017 Balancing Update: New Spell Levels, Buffs, Discounts; Massive Patch Also Underway

By Jacques Strauss, | May 19, 2017

'Clash of Clans' massive update will be delayed in late May and will bring the Versus Battle Mode. (YouTube)

'Clash of Clans' massive update will be delayed in late May and will bring the Versus Battle Mode. (YouTube)

The latest "Clash of Clan" update has been revealed by Supercell. Although it is not the "Big" update that most gamers have been waiting for, the May balancing update will likewise be released along with the game-changing patch rumored to include boats or use of ships.

Game developer, Supercell, finally revealed the latest update for this month. Dubbed as "May 2017 Balancing Update," the latest patch upon release will mainly include new spell levels and some units receiving buffs, according to Touch Arcade.

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The official page of "Clash of Clans" gave some details concerning the upcoming balancing update. The main focus of the update is to power up "late-game spells and helping the grind through Town Hall level 9."

Interestingly, Supercell introduced new Clone Spell level 5 for TH 11. They have also increased its use by unlocking more cloning capacity. The said new Clone Spell might reach a capacity of 40, allowing its users to get 8 Balloons or even 2 Dragons per spell.

Another addition for TH 11 players would be the new Freeze Spell level 6. With the latest addition, troops will be given more time to advance, especially when facing heavy artillery like the Eagle Artillery. An upgrade time and cost discounts will also be observed with Freeze Spell levels 1-5, Clone Spell levels 1-5, Heal Spell levels 4-5.

In terms of buffs, the bomb damage has been increased, ensuring that one bomb will destroy a Wall Breaker of equal level. Moreover, the Balloon attack rate has also been increased, allowing them to make follow-up attack more sooner.

With the latest showcasing of the upcoming balancing update, it has also been revealed by Supercell that their massive game-changing patch will also be released along with the May Update. This would mean that before the end of the month, gamers would have already confirmed the existence of boats and multi-villages as part of the patch.

It can be remembered that Supercell has been teasing "Clash of Clans" fans about the inclusion of ships in the game. And most rumors likewise suggested that new villages will also be added to cater the addition of ships. However, the confirmation of such speculations is yet to be settled when both the May Balancing Update and the large patch will arrive.

Watch here below balancing update video:

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