World War 3: Surving the Potential Nuclear War Between US, Russia-North Korea

By Jacques Strauss, | May 18, 2017

Pyongyang has more nuclear weapons that estimated. (YouTube)

Pyongyang has more nuclear weapons that estimated. (YouTube)

World War 3 seemed to be on the horizon with the rising tension between the US and Russia- North Korea. As most experts would contend the world is said to be on the edge of a potential nuclear war, and here is how you may prepare for it.

The improvement of nuclear technology and the benefits that people reap from it has gone far enough that its dark past associated with World War 2 is almost forgotten. However, with a looming nuclear war and possibly another world war, doomsday preppers and some experts are beginning to prepare what they can and share what they know.

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US specialist on disaster preparedness, Prof. Irwin Redlene, shared that "in that 10 to 15 minutes, all you have to do is go about a mile away from the blast." It is very important to do so for lethal radiation will spread easily through prevailing winds.

The expert then suggested two important actions to take to avoid the lethal radiation caused by a nuclear weapon. It is either you choose to be below ground or above it.

In choosing the former, it would suggest hiding in a shelter situated in a basement. For the latter, it would mean that you should be located at least higher than the ninth floor of a building, according to Mirror.

If you cannot go out of town and would have to stay in a shelter, it is a must that you should stay there for up to 9 days. Never go out, especially when you notice a visible as fine sand-sized grains of fallout particles.

Foods should be rationed properly. Clothing should be thick or wear double clothing to prevent skin from being subjected to radiation.

As of the current writing, the tension between US and Russia is rapidly building up, especially because of the said Russian aggression or military threat in Europe. Experts and some leaders believe, that if such tension would escalate further, a potential World War 3 may ignite, possibly sending Russia and US into a nuclear war.

Additionally, the threat of a nuclear strike coming from North Korea against the US and possibly its allied countries, like South Korea and Japan, is rapidly increasing with the successive missile launches of the rogue state. That is why preparing for the worst may actually be the best thing to do amidst the growing chaos between superpowers. 

Watch here below things to do in case of nuclear attack:

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