Apple MacBook Product Updates at the WWDC

By Icar A. Ballesteros, | May 18, 2017

Apple MacBook Products

Apple MacBook Products

The Apple laptops are soon to be upgraded. There are reports indicating that these laptops are to be announced at the Apple's world Wide Development Conference (WWDC).

According to a report, Apple plan to refresh the three MacBook products. It is indicated that the MacBook Pro will get the Kaby Lake processor from Intel which is set to be faster. A faster Intel chip will also be featured in the 12-inch MacBook.

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Aside from these two Apple MacBook products, the 13-inch MacBook Air will also be updated with a new processor. It can be expected that there would be more updates to come for these Apple MacBook products.

There are no details yet on what other upgrades will be done to these MacBook products. As of this time, the processors are the ones hinted to get the enhancements. The WWDC event will be the said venue to where these products will be revealed.

It is a possibility that updates can also be done to the other parts on these MacBook products. These updates would just be the right time for Apple. There are already several competitors in the market. Microsoft already has its own laptop and it has been updated with new features.

It can be remembered that the Apple's 12-inch MacBook was updated in 2016. There was an additional option for the device's color. A rose gold color was added to the line of several products. The MacBook Air was last updated in 2015. It has not gotten any speed boost then.

There also have not been any announcements from Apple for the upgrades on the product's hardware. This time, fans of the Apple products can look forward to a faster processor for the device. It may be the first of many updates to come.

The Apple's WWDC will feature several products and the event will take place from June 5 to June 9.

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