HTC U11 Specs Include Highest 'DxOMark' Rated Camera, Beating Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel

By Jacques Strauss, | May 18, 2017

 Newly unveiled HTC U11 showcasing different color option and camera design.

Newly unveiled HTC U11 showcasing different color option and camera design.

HTC U11 is unquestionably a flagship device by today's standards. More than its latest Snapdragon 835 processor and 6GB of RAM, the most recent flagship device is a standout because of its highest rated camera.

When it comes to camera and lens image quality measurements, DxOMark is considered as the trusted industry standard. Its previous ratings given to the like of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel were highly respected by experts and fans alike.

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With the arrival of U11 and its camera, another record-breaking number was awarded by DxOMark, according to Forbes. The recently unveiled HTC smartphone received a record-breaking score from the website, making it as the highest rating given so far for a smartphone camera.

The U11 device has been awarded 90 points by the said camera and lens image quality measurements site. Compared to Google Pixel which used to be the highest record holder, the latest HTC mobile device is one point higher than that of the Pixel.

The camera of the said smartphone has been engineered with the help of UltraPixel 3 technology that comes with 1.4 μm pixel size. Now, comparing it to the past released model of the Chinese brand, the current pixel size of the U11 is a bit lower than that of the HTC 10, which has 1.55 μm pixel size.

However, in terms of its aperture, the HTC U11 is packed with a better aperture clocking in at f/1.7 as compared to HTC 10's f/1.8. Considering overall camera built, the device could produce a high quality, low noise pictures coupled with fast autofocus.

Moreover, other exciting features of the smartphone that make it a standout over other designs and models in the market right now would include its squeezy interface. As for its aesthetics, the flagship device sports a high-gloss glass back, and does not includes the typical 3.5mm jack.

Watch here below HTC U11 specs:

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