Apple iOS 10.3.2 Release Confirmed a Jailbreak Killer – Don’t Upgrade If Waiting for Rumored Pangu iOS 10.3 JB Solution

By Josef Bell, | May 17, 2017

 An iPhone displays the latest iOS 10.3. (YouTube)

An iPhone displays the latest iOS 10.3. (YouTube)

Apple started the week by rolling out iOS 10.3.2 and seeding the public beta of firmware version 10.3.3, somehow indicating the tech giant is dead serious on its mission to prevent any form of jailbreaking, which according to rumors Team Pangu from China will soon make happen. But the big question is: Will the new iOS release prove a jailbreak killer?

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The mere fact that every iOS that rolls out contains the mandatory bug fixes and security enhancements, the release will surely break a jailbreak be it the latest iOS version or the upcoming 10.3.3. According to Forbes, "iOS 10.3.2 will break any jailbroken devices - be it an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch." So if the plan is to jailbreak, it's best to stay away from the firmware version and the same applies for v. 10.3.3.

To be sure, iOS 10.3.2 will render the Yalu jailbreak provided by Luca Todesco unusable. The jailbreak creator himself has previously indicated that his jailbreak solutions will only work for iOS 10.1.1 and iOS 10.2. Any higher firmware versions will prove problematic.

Jailbreak fans already on the Yalu102 solution are advised not to move up lest they will be locked out of the jailbreak world.

But for those hoping to access the promise of Team Pangu's iOS 10.3 jailbreak, which is said to support versions 10.3 and 10.3.1, then it makes sense to make the jump. After all, the solution is touted to be better than the Yalu jailbreak, backed by the Shanghai demo from Pangu that showcased a jailbroken iPhone 7 on iOS 10.3.

There are no solid indications, however, that the rumored Pangu jailbreak will from a teaser to reality. It was suggested the solution will be made public once iOS 10.3.2 is finalized by Apple. The scenario already happened but Pangu remains silent.

And the prospect of the Pangu getting delayed anew or even cancelled altogether seems gaining traction following Apple's beta release of iOS 10.3.3. There is little doubt the firmware is loaded with jailbreak-killing security components, which could again stop Team Pangu from finalizing their promised jailbreak solution.

That means it could be a long wait for the rumored Pangu iOS 10.3 jailbreak release as Apple seems bent on its game to again outrace the Chinese hacking group.

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