Very Well Preserved Dinosaur Fossil is the Best the World has Ever Seen

By Danny Smith, | May 15, 2017

Very Well Preserved Dinosaur Fossil Is The Best The World Has Ever Seen

Very Well Preserved Dinosaur Fossil Is The Best The World Has Ever Seen

Canada's Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology unveils the most well preserved dinosaur fossil the world has ever seen. The fossil which exemplifies a 110 million year-old mesmerizing beauty is truly a sight to behold.

All eyes are on the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology as they open doors to the world before humans even existed. NY Daily News reports the unveiling of probably the best preserved dinosaur fossil discovered. The remains of the giants that roam the earth before men were so well preserved that when put together, almost look like they could not be real.

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Despite being revealed to the world only now, RT reports that the marvelous piece of history was accidentally discovered by miners six years ago. Contrary to dinosaur bones that people are used to seeing, this piece have fossilized remnants of skin which cover the armor plates of the dinosaur.

Experts and paleontology enthusiasts says that with this fossil, humans don't just have a skeleton. The unveiling reveals a dinosaur, with skin, exactly as it would have been when it roamed the earth millions of years ago.

The well preserved fossil was discovered by Canadian miners. Its well-preserved fossil is attributed to an underwater burial. According to researches, the giant must have been washed away in a flash flood in the present Western Canada at a time when the climate of the place was humid and breezy.

Scholars are in agreement, adding that the dinosaur's body then sank to the ocean floor. Underneath the salty waters, minerals seeped into the dinosaur's skin, armor and back. The process ensured that the dinosaur's remains were preserved.

Common dinosaur fossils are found flat, usually in mummified form. This dinosaur fossil is unique as it has retained a shape. Paleobiologist Jakob Vinther describes the experience of watching the fossil as if the giant was alive and walking around the earth a few days ago.

National Geographic describes the discovery of the fossil as an exceptional event, rare as winning the lottery jackpot. The specimen is on display in the Grounds for Discovery of the Tyrell.

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