LG's Denial on Making Google Pixel 3 Created Opportunity for Manufacturers

By Jacques Strauss, | May 14, 2017

Google Pixel phone review/ YouTube

Google Pixel phone review/ YouTube

LG has denied the reports that they will be making the upcoming Google Pixel 3. The said device will be the successor of the growing Pixel series from Google that started from Pixel down to the Pixel XL.

Recent reports suggest that search engine giant has been preparing for the release of their upcoming Pixel device this 2017. Amidst the manufacturer discussion, LG was quick to put off the rumors that they would be manufacturing the next Pixel 3.

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With the Korean electronics giant out of the way, other names have been surfacing online as the potential maker of the Pixel 3. HTC is once again on the list as they have managed to score manufacturing deals before for Google.

Moreover, the current Blackberry maker, TCL, has also been mentioned as the potential maker of the Google flagship phone. Together with TCL and HTC, the formerly known China Wireless Technologies Limited, Coolpad, has also been mentioned by Digital Trends.

Another potential maker joining the list would be the currently leading brand in China, Huawei. In retrospect, previous reports had suggested that Huawei was the first choice by Google to manufacture Pixel devices instead of HTC.

Meanwhile, Google Pixel 2 although remain a mystery has managed to captivate the imagination of consumers and critics alike. A testament to this would be the recent concept video about the said device.

In the said render by Concept Creator, the upcoming Google phone will have dual cameras on both back and front, according to BGR. To add up to the excitement, a full-screen design might also be expected from the device along with an OLED display like the original Pixel.

However, the ones mentioned above including the manufacturer of Pixel 3 and the specs of Pixel 2 remains unconfirmed. Thus, details should be taken with a grain of salt to avoid frustration.

Watch here below Google Pixel impressions

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