'The Sims 5' Update: EA Confirms 'The Sims 4' Most Successful in Series, Mobile Version Out Soon

By Irina Stark, | May 12, 2017

'The Sims 4' and 'The Sims' Mobile will be hands-on at EA Play 2017. (YouTube)

'The Sims 4' and 'The Sims' Mobile will be hands-on at EA Play 2017. (YouTube)

Electronic Arts boasts that "The Sims 4" has achieved to be the most successful in the series and this latest development can pave the way for the release of "The Sims 5" in the near future. Also, players will be able to play the popular life simulation game on their android and iOS devices soon. 

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The game publisher has announced most recently that "The Sims 4" for PC has proved to be the most successful title of the franchise. According to the latest data reported (via The Verge), the monthly active user base has increased 33% from year to year post its release in 2014. 

This latest development comes as good new for seasoned players of the game. It was not long ago when Electronic Arts and Maxis emphasized to curious fans that the release of "The Sims 5" depends on how the "The Sims 4" will fare in terms of sales.

It is now safe to say that "The Sims 5" will be coming in the developer's pipeline, although, the release date could still be a long a way off. If Maxis follows its five-year interval between game releases, it is plausible that the release date of the next iteration of the series is in 2019.   

in more news, Electronic Arts has additional great news to all mobile gamers out there. "The Sims" mobile has been launched in Brazil and is coming to the rest of iOS and Android users across the globe soon.

"The Sims" Mobile is based on "The Sims 4" PC version and will be a free-to-play. It adds everyone's most loved features such as customizing their own characters, create dream houses and build a career, family and social status.

The soft launch trailer also teases a new social option feature that will allow Simmers to play with friends and eventuarly turn to be BFFs in-game. It is noted that EA first launched "The Sims" Freeplay on iOS in 2011 but was discontinued in 2013 due to several reason. 

EA and Maxis continue to pour in additional support to "The Sims 4" with an upcoming family-themed game pack in Spring and Sports-themed stuff pack in Summer. Perhaps, this will give more time for the development of "The Sims 5".  

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