Need For Speed Returns in 2017 With an Offline 'Single-Player Experience'

By Danny Smith, | May 11, 2017

The next "Need for Speed" game will be a single player experience completely offline. (YouTube)

The next "Need for Speed" game will be a single player experience completely offline. (YouTube)

Need For Speed (NFS) developer Ghost Games confirms that this year's entry in the series will not feature an always online requirement. 2015's Need for Speed reboot required an Internet connection to play, much to the frustration of fans.

In a post detailing the 2017 Need for Speed release, the developer reveals that when the next Need for Speed is released players will be able to play through a single player experience completely offline. The always online was one of the "biggest discussion points" surrounding its last game, and Ghost Games said that whenever fans give an issue this much "attention and feedback" it takes note.

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According to PC Gamer, that's not the only thing that Ghost Games confirmed. The developer also stated that the 2017 Need for Speed game, which is yet unnamed, will feature plenty of customization options.

"We love it, you love it, everyone loves it," the developer noted. "will play as strong a role as ever as we move forward into the next game and beyond." Additionally, cop chases, another staple of the Need for Speed series, will make their return.

Ghost Games also said that it is "dialing up the action and allowing you to tear up the tarmac, and dirt, to your heart's content." Moreover, it recognizes that "you're going to want a world that not only looks beautiful, but offers you the space in which to do the things you want."

Fans will agree that it's promising to hear that Ghost Games knows what fans want, but they will likely want to know how the game will be the 'most exciting' Need for Speed game ever, as publisher EA previously promised, The BitBag reported.

Unfortunately, the developer didn't offer a look at its game in action nor did it offer a screenshot of any of the vehicles available in the game. However, it promised that "very, very soon" it will have "more details to share" about the next Need for Speed before EA's E3 2017 event in June.

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